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Troubles abound when your garage door collapses. A malfunctioning garage door will be unable to block the entry of dust and grime. Moreover, you’re compromising the safety of your car by using a broken garage door. Remember unscrupulous elements are always on the lookout for opportunities to gain access to your property and will exploit this lacuna to their advantage.

It is due to these reasons that you should not neglect your garage door repair schedules. Garage doors work well when you take proper care of the device. Any failure to do so will result in equipment damage, and you can rule out the possibility of system failure.

We at Garage Door Repair, Andover are your one stop shop to get solutions to a range of garage door repair issues. When you avail our services, our professionals will not only help you get rid of the garage door repair problem but will also devise a strategy to tackle the cause of the problem to make sure that you get a sustainable solution rather than a quick-fix.

Your garage door does not lifts and lowers by itself. It is the springs that help achieve this objective. Drums help springs to maintain the balance of the garage door while it is opening and closing. Drums are of three type’s Standard lift, Vertical lift, and high-lift.

Whenever you need to replace drums you should always consult our experts in Andover, Minnesota, who’ll study the height, and weight of the garage door, and also consider the cable thickness and length before advising on the variant you should be using.

Part from replacing faulty drums we at Garage Door Repair, Andover also provide solutions to tackle the following garage door repair issues in Andover, Minnesota:

Garage Door Repair: Trivial issues like a loose/dangling part, or the force setting not working the way it should will gain prominence if you fail to notice and address them in time.

It’s not easy for you to take note of all the problems that brew-up with time. For example, it is possible that the reversal mechanism goes dysfunctional without you having the faintest of idea about the problem. Now, this is a concern as you, or your loved one can sustain injuries when they cross the path of the garage door while it is closing.

Garage Door Installation: Garage doors consist of various parts including springs. You have to be extremely cautious while you’re handling these devices especially when you’re installing the garage door. Further, some components including the sensors and photoelectric eyes ensure your safety and will work accurately only if you’re successful in following the guidelines while installing them. Don’t take chances with the functionality of these devices; give us a call in Andover, Minnesota and enjoy the fruits of accurate installation for years to follow.

Garage Door Replacement: The scope of this task that requires you to handle de-installation and installation jobs at the same time complicates matters here. You cannot afford to leave any gaps as this can impact the functionality of the new device. Be sure; avail our services in Andover, Minnesota.

Garage Door Opener Repair/Install: Your garage door has an opener that helps in lifting and lowering your garage door when you need this to happen. A dysfunctional device may fail to perform this role forcing you to engage the manual system. Doing so will defeat the purpose of using an automatic garage door. Our experts in Andover, Minnesota have been handling awry openers for years and will come to your rescue as and when you need their services.

Garage Door Spring Replacement: Springs counteract against the gravitational force on the garage door to make it easier for the opener to lift the device. Due to the critical role that springs play it is only obvious that you take all necessary steps to maintain these devices in Andover, Minnesota.

Repair off-Track Garage Door: Tracks house rollers and also guide them. While shopping for tracks make sure that the device offers extra protection against rust and corrosion. Problems start when your garage door jumps the tracks. When this happens, you can have an out of balance device in not time. Avoid this issue by talking to our experts in Andover, Minnesota today.

Garage Door Panel Replacement: Your garage door usually consists of three panels (if you’re using a roll-up garage door). One or more of these devices may bend or get disfigured due to age, damage, or when a heavy object rams against the body. When this happens our experts IN Andover, Minnesota will either repair the damaged portion or replace the device.

Garage Door Roller Replacement: Nylon rollers consist of ball bearings that make noiseless operation a reality. You should get rid of old rollers when the device completes its life cycle. Doing so will also relieve the garage door opener of stress. Rollers provide direction and momentum to your garage door, and you should make it a priority to maintain them in top shape.

Garage Door Cable Replacement: Cables coil around the springs. In the event of the springs failing, it is the cables that will reduce the speed of the device at which it collapses. For safety reasons, you should always use a functional pair. We replace broken, and torn cables in Andover, Minnesota and you should get in touch with our experts immediately to address this issue.

Wireless Keypad: Wireless keypad is a replacement device for remote and will help you in operating your garage door opener. Don’t handle awry devices on your own as this can cause further damage. Instead, consult our experts in Andover, Minnesota to avoid repair issues.

Garage Door Opener Remote: The use of remotes to control the functioning of your garage door opener is both convenient and safe. Ignoring malfunctioning remotes can give rise to serious problems that will eventually result in handling issues. We replace and maintain remotes and can come up with a solution to regular as well as serious repair proble

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